Tech Ed

Welcome to Tech Ed's Homepage!  The information on this page is provided by teacher:  Mr. Phil Pezzuti
 Todd Showen Presenting Leather Work to Wood I Riley McMillen turning finial for his Wood I Mantel Clock  David Wiles & Matt Coleman setting up a router table for Walnut Box Wood I
Riley Hummel Wood I Jacob McCracken Wood 1 Grant Kiehl cutting wood for Snoopy's Dog House DWG II 
 Hayden Snyder & Conner Dame building Snoopy's house - Drawing IIKyle Kerle Wood II  Alex Acree:  Bat was created in CADD and handmade
David Frampton Bumper and Winch Tim Semanco after finish is applied to his prismatic  Wyatt Baker's intarsia project
 Ian Callen intarsia project Katherine Cathcart intarsia Keats Henry, cutting board 
Ian Hawthorn's night stand  Tyler McKinley building his gun cabinet.Mike Macafe fabbed bumper in metal  
Chuckle Lemelle spinning legs for dining room chairs. Timmy Semanco sanding his optical illusion cutting board. Amber Rawson running a biscuit joiner for trophy case frames. Tyler Amsler planing trophy case frame to fit all-state frame. David Frampton is hand carving a scene in his rocker and is shown spraying laquer as well. Kaleigh Girt made custom floor vents.