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Attendance Procedures

Attendance in school is a good example of the connections of time and learning. Just as homework exemplifies learning, regular attendance exposes students to a greater amount of academic content and instruction. Poor school attendance usually reflects poor job attendance. Studies have shown that too many missed days of school result in too many missed opportunities to learn, and can result in failure, dropping out, or both. All students are expected to be at school on time every day. Every effort should be made to schedule medical appointments outside of the school day.

Early Dismissal
Students wishing to be dismissed early must bring an early dismissal request card signed by their parent or guardian on the morning of the requested dismissal. Students may leave school for dentist appointments, doctor appointments, family emergencies, funerals, or other principal approved requests. All early dismissals must be approved through the Main Office and the student must sign out of the Main Office prior to leaving. Some parent’s requests may be deemed personal and would be unexcused. All illegal excuses can result in violation of the Compulsory School Attendance Law.

Returning From An Appointment 
If a student returns to school from an early dismissal, he/she must report back to the Main Office to obtain a readmit form.