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Administration voice mail boxes can be accessed by dialing 814.764.5111. Follow the recorded directions and enter the three digit extension provided below. 


Mr. Brian Weible, Superintendent
(814) 764-5111 (ext. 311)

Mr. Robert Spicher, Business Manager

(814) 764-5111 (ext. 316)

(Mrs.) Lukundo Furnish, Assistant Business Manager

(814) 764-5111 ( ext. 354)

(Mrs.) Marcy Graf, Accounts Payable/PIMS Coordinator

(814) 764-5111 (ext. 389)

(Mrs.) Tricia Parker, Payroll/Benefits Manager

(814)764-5111 (ext. 315)

(Mrs.) Donna Smith, Administrative Assistant, School Board Secretary

(814)764-5111 (ext. 312)

(Mrs.) Chris Wolfe, Transportation Coordinator

(814)764-6006 (ext. 159)

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