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SchoolMessenger Notification Service


To the parents, guardians, and staff of the Clarion-Limestone Area School District:


The SchoolMessenger system is designed to automatically notify parents for reasons that impact the safety and academic performance of students. SchoolMessenger will extend the district’s existing community outreach efforts and emergency preparedness procedures, as well as inform parents of upcoming school events.  As a comprehensive communication tool, SchoolMessenger will contribute to the district’s involvement initiatives, allowing the district to engage the broader educational community about a wide range of topics affecting students’ academic success.


SchoolMessenger will not replace current school communication methods. Principals will still be accessible for live visits and will continue to communicate via current methods.


Contact files are updated daily in order to have the most complete and comprehensive list of phone numbers to use when a call is placed.


Please contact the central office at (814)764-5111 extension 312 if you have any questions.


Thank you.

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