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Welcome to Clarion-Limestone High School
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Clarion County Career Center Students

Clarion-Limestone School District is delaying the beginning of the 2022/23 school year due to construction supply issues at the elementary school.   The new start date for the school year is Tuesday, September 6th.   The Career Center will still be starting Wednesday, August 24th. Clarion-Limestone students will be starting at the Career Center on August 24th as well.


Clarion-Limestone will provide transportation from the high school to and from the Career Center.   Parents and students will need to find transportation to and from the high school.  The bus will leave at 8:40 am and return at 11:40 am.  Please be prompt for both pick up and drop off.  


Student drivers may obtain a driving/parking permit for the first 8 days of class at the Career Center if they so choose.   The proper paperwork/documentation must be provided to the Career Center prior to August 24 for pre-approval.  The paperwork for a driver/parking permit can be obtained on the link.  


Please communicate your intention to ride the bus through email or phone to the main office no later than August 22nd.  (814)-764-5111.   If you have any questions or concerns please contact the high school office or email me at




Robert S. Sintobin

High School Principal

Greetings from the Principal


Students and Parents,

My name is Rob Sintobin and I am a 27 year veteran educator and your new high school principal.   I am honored to be serving the people of Clarion - Limestone School District in this new capacity.  The world has been a chaotic and difficult place for the last several years but it’s also a world full of promise and hope for a better future.  I am personally very excited to be part of such a decorated and successful school district that has the capacity for even greater achievements.  


It will be my job to build on and foster the existing success that the teachers, students and community members have spent a significant and important part of their lives creating. It is my sincerest desire to work with the Clarion-Limestone community to implement and sustain a culture and environment that provides the greatest possible opportunities for our young people to experience personal growth academically, artistically, socially and athletically.  


In my first year as principal, I plan to spend a significant amount of time building relationships with the students, teachers and community members.   I will be looking to manage and mitigate the chaos that the world has brought to our doorstep.   We will work together to build a culture of teamwork that understands that freedom and success can be achieved through discipline and  hard work.  

Student Council

I have been teaching for over 20 years and have enjoyed being a part of Clarion-Limestone for the past 15.  Teaching English is rewarding, but the students make it worth being here and I can't imagine sharing my day with any other kids.  Being the Student Council adviser also gives me the opportunity to work with a group that goes above and beyond what they need to do to make this school and community an even better place to be.  According to Senior and Student Council Secretary Chandra Carrier, " Being a member of Student Council and C-L in general has always been an honor for me.  I'm incredibly thankful to go to a school where the staff is so encouraging and strives to prepare every student both emotionally and academically."  Senior and Student Council President Greyson Knepp says, " Often times people underestimate the enthusiasm and motivation of high school students.  The members of Student Council have made a commitment to work their hardest to improve the community, and they have exceeded that commitment!"  That's just two exceptional examples of why I love what I do here at Clarion-Limestone High School and why I am proud to work with these students.
~Mrs. Jen Simpson

Guidance Department


Student Handbook

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