September Junior High Student:    Miss Elizabeth Glover   Regan is in 7th grade and has one sister.  Elizabeth is in 8th grade.  Her favorite class is band  because it is a new experience.  She will be participating in the musical this year.  Elizabeth’s favorite part of school is all of the experiences she gets to take away with her and her goal is to do better than last year in her classes.  Mr. Greenawalt, from I.C. School, is her favorite teacher.  He has given Elizabeth a lot of self-confidence when she performs.  He has also helped her set larger goals not only as a performer but also for her as a person.  Elizabeth admires her mom and Hawkeye the most.  In her free time, Elizabeth likes to play piano, read, and hangout with her friends.  She likes all foods except the ones she is allergic to and sauerkraut.  Her favorite color is mint green.  If she could go anywhere, Elizabeth would go to Paris with her friends, Megan and Gabby.  Fallout Boy and Imagine Dragons are Elizabeth’s favorite bands.  Her favorite quote is, “Stay bold, even if the world is against you,” by Robert Beatty.

September Senior High Student :  Miss Amber Neal.  Amber is a senior and her older sister, Keri, is in the Army.  Ag Mechanics is her favorite class because she says she loves working on hands-on activities.  She likes the electricity unit the most.  Amber is a member of FFA and track. Her goal for this school year is to keep all of her grades B or higher.  Amber plans to finish training with the Army after graduation.  Ms. Stoops is Amber’s favorite teacher because she has helped her step out of her comfort zone and become a decent public speaker.  In her free time Amber participates in FFA competitions, Weekend Warriors once a month with the Army Reserves, and she loves farming in the summer with her grandfather.  Her favorite food is steak and potatoes.  England would be where Amber would like to travel to someday.  The person Amber admires most is her grandfather.  She says he supports her with everything she does with Ag Mechanics and FFA.  He was right by her side when she decided that she wanted to show a cow at the county fair two years ago.  Words of wisdom according to her drill sergeant during basic training are, “Don’t get louder than the voices in your head.”  This has stuck with Amber ever since.

March/April Teacher Feature Congratulations, Mr. Beers!

How long have you been teaching?  23 years; I taught for a year at Dubois Catholic School, then I taught at Ridgway School District for 10 years.  I moved to East Brady and taught at Moniteau School District for 3 years before moving to Brookville to teach her at C-L.

What classes and grades have you taught during your career?  I’ve taught 5th grade Spanish, 6th grade Spanish, 7th grade French, Spanish I,II,III,IV and French I,II,III,IV.  When I lived abroad, I earned money as an English tutor.  I’ve taught language in grades 5,6,7,9,10,11, and 12th.

In high school, what was your favorite subject? Least? I went to high school at Redbank Valley.  I liked English, Spanish, Computer Applications, Art, Speech and Chemistry.  I didn’t care much for Social Studies, and I really didn’t like Biology.

What is your favorite part of being a teacher? I’m euphonic when students are able to put words into sentences to express their own ideas.  I also enjoy hearing from students that they are able to understand and say some things in Spanish or French to speakers of those languages that they encounter online or while traveling around on vacation.

What is the hardest part about teaching?  I worry about running out of coffee!

Did anyone inspire you to become a teacher? My high school language teacher inspired me to enter into the field of education.  My college language professors also encouraged me to teach.

Do you advise any groups?  I advise Foreign Language Club and in the past, I’ve been the Chess Club advisor.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not teaching?  I like walking outside in my driveway and getting my mail.  A thrill for me is going to the gas station for a slice of greasy pizza.  And I’m always told that I’m a pretty good cook.

Is there anything you would like to share about your family?  I’m the youngest of three siblings.  My brother works in healthcare administration and my sister is a nurse practitioner.  We all grew up on a farm milking cows and making hay.

What are some words of wisdom or a favorite quote that you would like to share with the student body?   It’s a choice to be nice to everybody.