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Mike Stimac Principal


Prior to becoming a principal, I was 7-11 grade English teacher for the Oil City Area School District.

I wanted to become a teacher so that I could make a difference in each one of my student's lives. I not only want to provide students with skills for inside the classroom, but for outside the classroom as well. Teaching is a job that offers variety. I work with a variety of students with unique personalities, experiences, and ideas. Teaching allows me to become a lifelong learner. Students ask the most interesting questions prompting me to dig deeper into what I am teaching. I have always had a passion for children and always knew I wanted to display my passion through teaching and inspire young minds!

I was an all-conference linebacker at Division III Thiel College. I have run 6 marathons with a personal best of 3:29, and I have run 3 50k races (about 31 miles). I am an outdoorsman, who above all, loves archery and trout seasons.
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