Due to the mandate from PA Governor Tom Wolf, Clarion-Limestone Area School District will be closed until further notice. This includes all school work and school events. Please see the letter from superintendent Amy Glasl HERE. Further updates contained in Coronavirus link below.

The Clarion-Limestone Area School District Board of School Directors has cancelled the re-scheduled April 1, 2020 regular work session/voting meeting. The regularly scheduled meeting will be held April 15, 2020 at 6:30 pm in the high school cafeteria. If COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, special provisions will be made for public and school board virtual participation


Clarion-Limestone Area School District

Donna M. Smith, Board Secretary

Updates will be posted via the "button" above. (4-2-2020; 4-1-2020; 3-31-2020; 3-30-2020; 3-27-2020; 3-26-2020; 3-25-2020; 3-24-2020; 3-23-2020; 3-20-2020; 3-19-2020; 3-18-2020; 3-17-2020; 3-16-2020; 3-15-2020; 3-12-20; 3-9-20)


On Friday, Feb. 28th, Pedro Rivera, the PA Secretary of Education, sent the PA Superintendents information on guidance in preparing for coronavirus in PA. He referenced DOH's site: Coronavirus website for information. The best way to prepare for an outbreak in PA continues to be ensuring our educational community is practicing good hygiene, including washing hands, covering coughs and sneezes, keeping surfaces clean, and encouraging children to stay home if they are sick. As Clarion County school leaders, we have begun to review our existing pandemic plans and will work with local health and emergency officials to update our plans to address a potential virus outbreak in our community. Our school nurses, who are under the jurisdiction of DOH, will receive school health information directly from the DOH as it becomes available. The Superintendents will be getting weekly updates from Pedro Rivera. The Clarion County Superintendents will be working together as a team to assure our Clarion County schools are prepared for this virus if it becomes a pandemic. Thank you. Mrs. Amy J. Glasl, Superintendent

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The Clarion-Limestone School community is committed to providing students with a quality education in preparation for success in a diverse world. Therefore, we pride ourselves on creating a learning environment that enriches background knowledge with hands on experiences, which facilitate academic achievement and the sense of self-worth and accomplishment in every student. Students view successes and failures as learning experiences and knowledge as power. We strive to instill an attitude in every student that education is a continuous process that is essential to gain the knowledge, dispositions, and skills required to promote leadership in the classroom and community. 

We encourage creativity and optimal performance in all academic and extracurricular endeavors. In addition to academics, our students have an opportunity to participate in a wide array of studies: technical and business exploration, music, arts, health and physical education. We also provide numerous clubs and activities to accommodate the interests of our students. 

The Clarion-Limestone High School thrives on outstanding academic performance. The teachers and administration work diligently to ensure the best for every student and we have been successful at exceeding the expectations of the state Department of Education continuously. We will strive to maintain our reputation for academic excellence and approach every day with a student centered focus. At Clarion-Limestone School, “It’s all about the kids"!



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